ARM Calxeda Highbank Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

2012-Aug-16 | Tags: benchmarkcalxedaserverubuntu

Linux on ARMBack in June there were Calxeda's ARM Highbank performance claims of delivering 15x performance-per-Watt superior performance to Intel's Xeon x86 processor. At long last, independent benchmarks of a quad-core Calxeda Highbank board are beginning to surface.

Once again, thanks to the Phoronix Test Suite and, some independent user/organization is beginning to upload Ubuntu Linux test results for a Calxeda-based ARM configuration. Right now there aren't many interesting results, but hopefully the flow of Highbank data will continue in the coming days and weeks. The last I heard from Calxeda in terms of any official Highbank benchmarking on is that they wanted to wait for their customers to publish any benchmarks they want themselves...

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Linux on ARM