SODIMM-style COM runs Linux or Android on 2W

2014-Mar-05 | Tags: COMtexasubuntu

Linux on ARMEmbedian launched its first SMARC form-factor computer-on-module, running Linux or Android on a 1GHz TI AM335x SoC, and supported by a SMARC carrier board.

Many embedded computer-on-module manufacturers have only recently begun to turn to ARM. By contrast, Embedian was something of an ARM pioneer, having launched the first MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) form-factor ARM modules back in 2007, based on Nvidia’s earlier MXM interconnect standard‘s high density right-angle connector. The next year, Embedian released more MXM COMs, and its MXM golden finger connector was integrated into the more successful Qseven standard. Now, with the SMARC-T335X, Embedian has launched its first module with the ARM-focused, 314-pin SMARC (Smart Mobility Architecture) form-factor. (See farther below for more on SMARC.)

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Linux on ARM