Linux Kernel 3.12.49 LTS Out Now with PowerPC and ARM64 Improvements, More

2015-Oct-08 | Tags: 64bitkernel

Linux on ARMJiri Slaby, the maintainer of the long-term supported Linux 3.12 kernel series, has just announced the release and immediate availability for download of the forty-ninth maintenance version of the Linux 3.12 LTS kernel.

Looking at the appended shortlog, we can notice that Linux kernel 3.12.49 LTS adds multiple improvements to the PowerPC (PPC), ARM64 (AArch64), ARM, PA-RISC, x86, and Xtensa hardware architectures, addresses many issues with the Btrfs, EXT4, HFS, HFS+, and NFS filesystems, adds some minor sound improvements, and many networking enhancements, especially for things like IPv6, mac80211, NetLink, Open vSwitch, and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP).

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Linux on ARM