NVIDIA JTX1: Finally An Exciting 64-bit ARM Board!

2015-Nov-11 | Tags: 64bitbenchmarknvidia

Linux on ARMNVIDIA's embargo has just expired on the Jetson TX1: a 64-bit ARM development board that's worth getting excited about for Linux enthusiasts, those wishing to build their own ARM-powered devices, or just wanting a powerful ARM Linux desktop. The Jetson TX1 powered by the Tegra X1 is shaping up to be a splendid device; NVIDIA is even comparing the performance of the JTX1 to that of an Intel Core i7 6700K in certain tasks.

While there's been several 64-bit ARM development boards available for a while, not many have got me really excited... The low-cost ones offer small amounts of RAM (1GB!) or onboard storage and others like the 96Boards HiKey use just Cortex-A53 cores. There are higher-end ones like the APM X-C1, but that will set you back $1495 USD, and that's without an AArch64 SoC sporting a powerful GPU. There's also the AMD 64-bit ARM HuskyBoard, but that's not coming out until later in the year at an unknown price. NVIDIA today has lifted the lid on the Jetson TX1 as the successor to the Jetson TK1 from last year.

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Linux on ARM