Meet PINE64, the World's First $15 Open Source Gaming Machine That Runs Android and Linux

2015-Dec-07 | Tags: 64bitCOMandroidraspberrypiubuntu

Linux on ARMWhile digging through the Internet, we've recently found a new and powerful 64-bit expandable SBC (Single-board computer) called PINE64 that costs only $15 (approximately €14).

Just by looking at its features, we can notice that PINE64 is a versatile single-board computer, which is capable of running the latest versions of the Android mobile operating system, as well as any other modern GNU/Linux distribution on its open-source hardware.

"PINE64 is an open source platform from both hardware to software. Our goal is to bring the most affordable 64-Bit computing solution to the world. Use the PINE64 to build your next computer, tablet, gaming device, media player, and just almost anything you can think of," reads the project's website.

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Linux on ARM