Linux Kernel 4.1.14 LTS Updates Support for ARM, x86 and MIPS Architectures

2015-Dec-10 | Tags: kernelmipsupdate

Linux on ARMAfter announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.3.1 and Linux kernel 4.2.7, renowned kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman had the pleasure of releasing the fourteen maintenance build of the long-term supported Linux 4.1 kernel.

Looking at the diff from Linux kernel 4.1.13 LTS, we can notice that the 4.1.14 release adds multiple improvements to the ARM, ARM64 (AArch64), MIPS, x86 and s390 hardware architectures, and fixes a few issues with the USB sound drivers. In numbers, there were 101 files changed in Linux kernel 4.1.14 LTS, with 938 insertions and 289 deletions.

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Linux on ARM