How to compile Go on any ARM device

2016-Jan-02 | Tags: developmenthowtoraspberrypi

Linux on ARMAs for today, up to the latest Go version 1.5.2 there is no official binary release of the Go runtime available for ARM devices. Maybe you can install it as a package from your operating system, but these packages are almost outdated.

For this reason, anyone who wants to use GOLANG (or Go for short) on an ARM device has to compile it by himself. This is a cumbersome and time consuming task, which sometimes leads to bad results.

To cover these issues, we’ll explain in this short and basic tutorial how to compile and test the Go compiler runtime by yourself. We’d like to cover all the details you’ll need from the ground up. And with having this basic understanding then it’s easier for everybody to build and use the Go compiler in a consistent and reproducible way.

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Linux on ARM