Getting Docker running on a high-end 64-bit ARM gaming console for fun and profit

2016-Jan-02 | Tags: 64bitanalysisdebiandevelopmentnvidiaraspberrypi

Linux on ARMI don’t really know how this happened. Again. :( Somehow over and over again these little ARM devices and maker devboards end up on my desk. So what is it this time? Well, look at this beauty because words cannot even begin to describe it:

Alright, start breathing again. It is called the Nvidia ShieldTV and it’s meant to be a media center. Besides, it is one of the first Android gaming consoles that actually is worthy of the name.

It would be a really great Christmas present for my son. But that is purely hypothetical and he is totally out of luck here.

Why? Well, because the Nvidia Tegra X1 CPU is one of the first 64-bit ARM CPU’s that can be bought now and it is even affordable with a price tag well under 200 bucks.

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Linux on ARM