PINE A64, First 64-bit Mini PC That Costs $15, Raises 30 Times the Money Needed

2016-Jan-08 | Tags: 64bitandroiddesktopubuntu

Linux on ARMPINE A64 is a new, first 64-bit expandable Quad-Core board that can be used as a regular PC, a media center, server, and pretty much everything else. Its makers are now looking for funding on Kickstarter and they are having a lot of success.

There are numerous small PC boards out there like the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Odroid, Arduino, BeagleBoard, and so on. It’s getting difficult to keep track of them all, but one thing we do know for sure. None of them is using a 64-bit process, but that’s about to change with PINE A64.

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Linux on ARM