Running desktop Linux on a tablet: A lid for every pot

2016-Jan-19 | Tags: analysisarchdevelopmenthowtotablet

Linux on ARMAndroid pretty much own the smartphone market with over 82% market share. Chrome OS is also making a serious dent in the PC market. Despite the dominance of these two Linux based distributions there are many users, including my friend Bryan Lunduke, who want to run 'regular Linux desktops' on tablets.

Since the Linux community doesn't know the meaning of the word "impossible," I started looking around to see if someone had solved this particular problem.

I own an ASUS Chromebook Flip, a convertible laptop that doubles as a tablet … now I just needed so software. Chromebook Flip is tricky in the sense that it's an ARM based device that uses a Rockchip processor. But as an Arch Linux user, I knew there should be something out there that would support this architecture.

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Linux on ARM