There's A Ton Of NVIDIA Tegra Updates For Linux 4.5 Kernel

2016-Jan-23 | Tags: SoCkernelnvidiaupdate

Linux on ARMFor any NVIDIA Tegra users out there, a ton of exciting support work is finally being mainlined with the Linux 4.5 kernel.

Following the big ARM updates for Linux 4.5, Olof Johansson sent in a pull request this Friday afternoon with a ton of Tegra-specific updates. Olof explained, "Here's a single-SoC topic branch that we've staged separately. Mainly because it was hard to sort the branch contents in a way that fit our existing branches due to some refactorings. The code has been in -next for quite a while, but we staged it in arm-soc a bit late, which is why we've kept it separate from the other updates and are sending it separately here."

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Linux on ARM