Hardkernel ODROID-C2 64-Bit ARM Development Board to Sell for $40 Next Month

2016-Feb-03 | Tags: 64bitCOMandroiddevelopmentubuntu

Linux on ARMWe previously knew ODROID-C2 was in development thanks to a document and source code from Amlogic themselves. We did not have the full details at the time, and Amlogic’s document even got the RAM capacity wrong. Hardkernel has finally announced ODROID-C2 development board based on Amlogic S905 will be selling on March 2016 for $40, and released specifications and some photos.

The board will ship with a heatsink covering most of the board, and the company will provide Ubuntu 16.04 and Android 5.1 Lollipop images and source code based on Linux kernel 3.14 LTS. Beside having the same dimensions as ODROID-C1+, the board layout look identical to me so any enclosure and accessories for the 32-bit board should probably be mechanically and electrically compatible with ODROID-C2, except if you need an SPI interface or the internal RTC both of which are lacking on Amlogic S905.

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Linux on ARM