BQ Ubuntu Tablet Has 64-Bit CPU and Will Be Able to Run 32-Bit ARM Apps

2016-Feb-06 | Tags: 64bitcompatibilitytabletubuntu

Linux on ARMThe BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu tablet is powered by a 64-bit ARM processor, so the users have already started to ask around if they will be able to run the 32-bit apps from the phone on the tablet. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it will take a little bit of work.

More and more devices are shipping with 64-bit ARM processors, but this is the first one that runs Ubuntu. All the other phones that have been made available until now have 32-bit ARM processors, and the same can be said about the community-maintained one. Here enters the BQ Aquaris M10 with its 64-bit processor, so the natural question is about 32-bit apps from the regular phone running on the new tablet.

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Linux on ARM