Manjaro Devs Plan on Conquering the ARM Ecosystem, Raspberry Pi 2 Builds Out Now

2016-Feb-08 | Tags: archcompatibilitydevelopmentother_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMThe Manjaro Linux development team has had the great pleasure of announcing this past weekend that the Arch Linux-based operating system is coming soon to ARM devices.

We all know that there's already an unofficial Arch Linux for ARM project, which aims to port the well-known and acclaimed GNU/Linux distribution to embedded devices and single-board computers, but now it looks like the Manjaro Linux team plans on conquering the ARM ecosystem too.

Therefore, they announced on February 6, 2016, the availability of the first builds of the Manjaro for ARM port of the operating system, which users can now install on their Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 devices using the instructions provided by the developers.

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Linux on ARM