Bodhi Linux for ARM Alpha 1

2011-Sep-15 | Tags: bodhidebiantablet

Linux on ARMIf you have used Bodhi before then you may be aware that one of the profiles we offer by default is one that is optimized for touch screen devices. Over the past couple of months since we added this layout we have had many requests from users to get Bodhi running on embedded touch screen devices.

Today I am happy to announce the first availability of an Alpha version of Bodhi Linux for ARM devices. The ARM version of Bodhi is built on top of a Debian base, which provides stability on top of the speed the Enlightenment desktop provides.

The first target device Bodhi Linux plans to "officially" support are the ArchOS Gen8 tablet computers. If you own one of these devices you can find the 1.5gb rootfs as a high speed torrent download here or as a slower direct download (via source forge) here. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words - so a video must be worth much more than that. Here is a short demo video I shot of the Bodhi alpha in action on my ArchOS 70 internet tablet:

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Linux on ARM