Microsoft to Prevent Linux Booting on ARM Hardware?

2012-Jan-13 | Tags: businesscompatibilitymicrosoft

Linux on ARMFears that Microsoft would abuse the UEFI Secure Boot feature for their own ends are coming true. - Advice from Microsoft to makers of ARM hardware says that allowing the disabling of the contentious UEFI Secure Boot feature required for Windows 8 must NOT be possible.

The back story

Late last year Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 would require ’Secure boot’ in order to start up. the UEFI standard has been around for several years. It works works by keeping ‘secret keys’ within the system itself. These keys are then used to “sign” anything that wishes to run – such as operating systems. If an operating system is not signed by a matching key then it won’t be allowed to boot.

The Linux community was concerned that persuading device makers to ships ‘keys’ for Linux would be difficult, thus making it nigh-on-impossible to install Linux on Windows 8 hardware.

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Linux on ARM