Hands-On: More adventures with Manjaro-ARM for the Raspberry Pi 2

2016-Feb-12 | Tags: other_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMThis time with the Manjaro-ARM ALPHA1 release on my Raspberry Pi 2 I'm exploring the Xfce desktop and using the i3 Window Manager.

In my previous post I celebrated the announcement of Manjaro-ARM Linux for the Raspberry Pi 2. I installed it on my Pi 2 with no problems, and I was ready to continue experimenting and investigating with two major objectives - how complete/stable is it, and what are the chances of getting the i3 window manager working on it?

I'm very pleased to say that I have made good progress on both of those points, and after a couple of days (well, evenings) working with it I am even more pleased than before. Let's look at those two things in order.

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Linux on ARM