BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablets Can Be Pre-ordered For 259.90 Euros and Up

2016-Mar-28 | Tags: tabletubuntu

Linux on ARMBQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablets were unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month, and were touted as the first Ubuntu devices supporting convergence. The two versions of the tablet are now up for pre-order.

The specs between the Android and Ubuntu versions appear to be exactly the same, so it looks like the price difference is because of the operating systems. The Ubuntu versions also have a free cover and protector screen, but I don’t think it’s enough to explain the price difference. The price will also vary depending on the countries. For example, French people have the “privilege” of paying around 10 Euros extra for a “copy” tax, and a few Euros cents on top for an Eco tax.

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Linux on ARM