Linux Benchmarks On Ten Popular ARM Boards

2016-Apr-03 | Tags: COMbenchmarkraspberrypiversus

Linux on ARMHere are benchmarks of ten different ARM SBCs/boards including the Banana Pi M3, ODROID-XU4, ODROID-C2, Raspberry Pi 3, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi Plus, Orange Pi One, ODROID-C1+, Banana Pi M2, and the Raspberry Pi 2 using their respective flavors of Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian/Armbian.

On Friday I posted some benchmarks of the $10 Orange Pi One but it turns out there can be even greater performance when not using the official images for the Orange Pi One but rather the community-maintained images are in much better shape. Over friends at (who have supplied us with many of our ARM boards for Linux testing) have run some of their own benchmarks using the latest Linux ISO images on ten different ARM SBCs.

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Linux on ARM