Tibbo Project System is a Modular Linux IoT Prototyping Platform based on TI Sitara Cortex A8 Processor

2016-Apr-28 | Tags: IoTdevelopmentother_linuxredhattexas

Linux on ARMIf you’ve found yourself needing to quickly demo a system that does not look like a mess of wire to a customer, or your project is requires low production volumes, making the cost of designing your own and mass-producing the hardware prohibitive, Tibbo Project System might be worth looking into. It features an almost bare board powered by Texas Instruments Sitara processor, and a large area for Tibbit blocks to add features as needed, as well as an enclosure.

Now to have a complete project as shown in the first picture, you need to get Size 3 Tibbo Project Box (TPB3) and purchase a few Tibbit blocks and connectors. Tibbit blocks have all their own number, and you can choose the ones you need among about 50 modules that include I/O terminals, serial ports, relays, isolated inputs, power supply blocks, DAC and ADC blocks, sensors and so on. For example, in the picture below I have Tibbit #19 (DB9M connector), #20 (9x terminal blocks), and #22 (Non-isolated PoE).

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Linux on ARM