Orange Pi Lite Quad Core ARM Linux Development Board with WiFi is Now Available for $12

2016-May-09 | Tags: COMdebiandevelopmentother_linux

Linux on ARMShenzhen Xunlong Launched Orange Pi One Allwinner H3 board with Ethernet for $9.99 a couple of months ago, and the company has now started to sell Orange Pi Lite featuring a WiFi module, two full-size USB ports, an IR receiver, and an on-board microphone for $12 + shipping.

The board is said to support Android, Debian and Raspbian images available on Orange Pi Download page, but if you are going to run a Linux distribution, Armbian is currently recommend on Orange Pi boards, at least the ones based on Allwinner H3 processor. I wrote an Orange Pi One Board Quick Start Guide with Armbian in March, and also tested the image which worked reasonably well considering that’s a $10 board.

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Linux on ARM