Installation on the Pogoplug Series 4

2012-Jan-15 | Tags: archhowtoinstall

Linux on ARMWe're happy to announce that the new Pogoplug Series 4 plug computer has joined the ranks of our officially supported devices, complete with an updated U-Boot installation and a shiny new kernel that enables those USB 3.0 ports people have been itching to make good use of. The installation is also done in such a way that reverting back to stock functionality is dead simple, should you decide that a full Linux install isn't the right thing for you.

Those instructions as well as information on controlling the LEDs are under the Advanced tab on the platform page.

A few notes on the installation are in order first, however; and these echo what is said on the device's platform page. There is no support for booting from SD/MMC or USB 3.0 due to U-Boot limitations. The storage device you use for the root filesystem must be in one of the top two ports, USB 2.0 or SATA. The dock on the top is compatible with Seagate's GoFlex line of portable hard drives, and that's what we suggest you look into for the best performance. It will only fit the slimmer versions that come in sizes up to 750GB. The 1 and 1.5TB models are almost twice as thick and won't fit in the space provided. Any other similar model by other manufacturers, or even a bare 2.5" drive would likely work well.

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Linux on ARM