Linux 4.6 Release – Main Changes, ARM and MIPS Architectures

2016-May-16 | Tags: compatibilitydriverkernelmipsqualcommsamsungtexasupdate

Linux on ARMLinux 4.5 added support for GCC’s Undefined Behavior Sanitizer flag (-fsanitize=undefined) which should make the Linux kernel even more secure,an implementation of the next generation media controller, some performance improvements for file systems, etc…

ARM architecture improvements and new features:


  • Allwinner A83T support – Initial bringup; timer, watchdog and reboot
  • Allwinner H3 – R_PIO support
  • Allwinner A64 – Initial support
  • NAND – ECC layout definition rework (partially) and randomizer support. Note: For devices that use eMMC, old device trees may no longer work with this version (i.e. you have to rebuild your .dtb files). Expect eMMC I/O errors otherwise.
  • ASoC – A10/A20 SPDIF driver
  • AXP223 PMIC support
  • Added board – Allwinner A83TDevBoard, Cubietruck Plus, Itead Ibox, Lamobo R1


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Linux on ARM