DRM Changes For Linux 4.7 Bring Four New ARM Drivers, AMD Polaris Support

2016-May-23 | Tags: amddriverkernelupdate

Linux on ARMThe DRM subsystem updates have been submitted for the Linux 4.7 kernel. This is a big pull with more than 80,000 lines of new code for the mainline kernel! If you have been a devout Phoronix follower with reading our many Linux hardware articles, particularly about graphics, you should already be well familiar with the Direct Rendering Manager changes for Linux 4.7. These changes include:

- The open-source AMD improvements this round being initial support for upcoming Polaris (Radeon Rx 400 series). There are also GPUVM / scheduler / clock / PowerPlay improvements, async page-flipping support, and more. For AMDGPU users, there are some performance improvements. This 4.7 kernel isn't bringing the newly-published OverDrive or GCN 1.0 experimental AMDGPU support, which will be held off until Linux 4.8. It also doesn't contain the complete DAL code-base as the big display code for AMDGPU.

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Linux on ARM