Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS Has Many CIFS, MIPS, EXT4, Btrfs, and ARM64 Improvements

2016-Jun-10 | Tags: 64bitkernelmipsupdate

Linux on ARMYesterday, we reported on the release of Linux kernel 4.6.2, Linux kernel 4.5.7, Linux kernel 4.4.13 LTS, and Linux kernel 3.14.72 LTS, and it now looks like Linux kernel 4.1.26 LTS has been released into the wild as well.

Linux kernel 4.1 is a long-term supported branch that will receive security fixes and improvements for a few more months, so several GNU/Linux operating system prefer it over non-LTS kernel releases. Linux kernel 4.1.26 LTS is the twenty-sixth maintenance update in the series, bringing changes to 137 files, with 1661 insertions and 910 deletions.

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Linux on ARM