TrustZone “TEE” tech ported to Raspberry Pi 3

2016-Jun-15 | Tags: compatibilityraspberrypisecurity

Linux on ARMThe Sequitur Labs port of Linaro’s OP-TEE environment to the Raspberry Pi 3 aims to encourage prototyping of ARM TrustZone hardware security on IoT devices.

Linaro’s three-year old OP-TEE open source port of the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) for ARM TrustZone security is now available on the lowest-cost platform yet: the Raspberry Pi 3. Sequitur Labs has worked with the ARM-backed not-for-profit development firm Linaro and its Linaro Security Working Group (SWG) to provide the technology to Pi 3 developers so they can learn about ARM TrustZone and begin developing trusted applications for it.

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Linux on ARM