Linux Kernel 3.16.36 LTS Has ARM64, OCFS2, PowerPC, and Many XFS Improvements

2016-Jun-17 | Tags: 64bitkernelupdate

Linux on ARMWe reported earlier on the release of the Linux 3.2.81 LTS kernel, and we promised to tell you what's new in the thirty-sixth maintenance update of the long-term supported Linux 3.16 kernel series as well.

Linux kernel 3.16.36 LTS was also announced by Linux kernel developer Ben Hutchings today, June 16, 2016, immediately after he released Linux 3.2.81. Looking at the diff from the previous maintenance release, version 3.16.35, we can notice that the Linux 3.16.36 kernel is a big update that changes a total of 140 files, with 1416 insertions and 1004 deletions.

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Linux on ARM