Microsoft mandating Secure Boot on ARM, making Linux installs difficult

2012-Jan-17 | Tags: installmicrosoftsecurity

Linux on ARMWith Windows 8 coming out later this year, there has already been controversy about whether computers that ship with Windows 8 will have the ability to run Linux, either as a replacement for Windows or in a dual-boot setup.

As we've reported, a process called UEFI secure booting prevents the booting of operating systems not signed by a trusted Certificate Authority - and hardware makers must enable the secure boot technology to qualify for a Designed for Windows 8 logo.

This would make it difficult, but not impossible, for Linux operating systems to be installed on Windows 8 computers. Hardware manufacturers can still give users the option of disabling secure boot and running any operating system they wish. However, it now appears that flexibility will only be available to Windows 8 systems running on Intel chips, and not ARM ones.

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Linux on ARM