Linux Kernel 4.4.19 LTS Lands with CIFS, AMDGPU and AArch64 Improvements, More

2016-Aug-23 | Tags: 64bitdriverkernelupdate

Linux on ARMAfter announcing the release of Linux kernel 3.14.77 LTS and Linux kernel 4.7.2, Greg Kroah-Hartman informed the community about the availability of Linux kernel 4.4.19 LTS.

Linux kernel 4.4 is a long-term supported (LTS) branch, which is currently used by some of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions, including Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), and it will receive maintenance updates for a few more years than normal kernel series that aren't marked as "long-term" on the website. According to the appended shortlog, Linux Kernel 4.4.19 LTS is a major release that changes a total of 146 files , with 1709 insertions and 875 deletions.

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Linux on ARM