OpenBSD 6.0 Operating System Adds Support for ARMv7 Architectures, OpenSSH 7.3

2016-Sep-02 | Tags: bsdcompatibility

Linux on ARMOn September 1, 2016, Theo de Raadt from the OpenBSD project has had the enormous pleasure of announcing the release and general availability of the OpenBSD 6.0 operating system.

OpenBSD 6.0 has been in development for the past five months, and, as expected, it's yet another massive update that contains numerous updated components, new features and under-the-hood improvements, such as support for the armv7 architectures, as well as better IEEE 802.11 wireless stack support. Core components like OpenSSH 7.3, OpenSMTPD 6.0.0, OpenNTPD 6.0, and LibreSSL 2.4.2 are also included.

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Linux on ARM