Cross-compiling libavg 1.7 for ARM on Debian

2012-Jan-18 | Tags: debiandevelopment

Linux on ARMlibavg is a high-level development platform for media-centric applications using Python as scripting language and written in C++ and I've already written a post to cross-compile libavg 1.6 in Ubuntu (with linaro cross toolchain) and using Beagleboard qemu image.

Since I've doing some preparation work to have software running on the Raspberry Pi and that the latter won't support Ubuntu, I've had to cross-compile it again. This time, I've found a cleaner way to do the cross-compilation with dpkg-cross and xapt tools which can load the required armel package to the arm toolchain. Those tools really make life easy, as previously (a few years ago), I would have had to cross-compile all dependencies manually.

Here are the steps I followed:

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Linux on ARM