Docker 1.12.3 App Container Engine Updates Buildtags for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ARMhf

2016-Oct-28 | Tags: ubuntuupdate

Linux on ARMLast week, we reported on the release of the second maintenance update to the stable Docker 1.12 series of the open source app container engine, and it now looks like Docker 1.12.3 has been released with more improvements and bug fixes.

According to the release notes, Docker 1.12.3 updates the new Swarm Mode feature introduced in the Docker 1.12 series by improving the conversion of restart-policy and adding an up-to-date Swarmkit that now allows multiple randomly assigned and duplicate published ports with different protocols.

Moreover, it looks like a task that has already been restarted will no longer be restarted thanks to the updated Swarmkit included in Docker 1.12.3, which also addresses the panic that occurred when allocations happened at init time. Several fixes were applied to the libnetwork component in Docker 1.12.3 for better networking.

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