Linux 4.9 Release – Main Changes, ARM and MIPS Architectures

2016-Dec-12 | Tags: driverkernelmipsqualcommsamsungtexas

Linux on ARMLinus Torvalds released Linux 4.9 on Sunday - Linux 4.8 brought us an HDMI-CEC framework, a new kernel documentation system is now based on Sphinx, a user-space GPIO subsystem and tools, file systems improvements and more.

Some interesting ARM architecture fixes and new features -  Allwinner:

  • Allwinner GR8 – Preliminary SoC support
  • Allwinner AXP209 PMIC – GPIO support
  • Allwinner A31 – SPDIF support
  • Allwinner A23/A33 and A31/A31s – sunxi-ng CCU driver
  • Allwinner A33 – Display Driver
  • Allwinner A64 – USB PHY support
  • Allwinner H3 – PWM support, I2C support
  • AXP806 PMIC – regulator support
  • AC100 RTC / codec IC – mfd driver, RTC driver
  • New boards and devices – Orange Pi PC Plus, Olimex A33-OLinuXino, Orange Pi Lite, Inet q972, Empire Electronix M712, Orange Pi Plus 2, Orange Pi Plus 2E, NanoPi NEO.


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Linux on ARM