$6 Lichee Pi One Allwinner A13 ARM Linux Board is Equipped with LCD Display and Camera Interfaces

2016-Dec-26 | Tags: COMdebianubuntu

Linux on ARMAllwinner A13 – repackaged as Allwinner R8 – single core Cortex A8 processor is used in $9 C.H.I.P board with 512MB, 4GB storage, WiFi and Bluetooth, and I/Os. Now a Chinese company has created a new Allwinner A13 board called Lichee Pi that appears especially suited to drive LCD displays thanks to its 40-pin LCD RGB connector, but it also comes with WiFi & Bluetooth, a micro SD slot, and some I/Os.

The board can run Android or Linux distributions like Debian or Ubuntu, and you’ll find some information such as schematics and some documentation on Github.

You’ll find soon info in English on Linux-Sunxi website, as well as elecfans.com with more info, but in Chinese only. The price of the board appears to be 39 CNY ($5.6), and a complete kit with a 4.3″ display (800×480) a 3MP camera goes for 168 CNY (~$24). Shipping costs are not included. The company has also registered ilichee.cc, but the site is not accessible for now as it’s waiting for an ICP license.

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Linux on ARM