Linux Support for ARM LPAE

2012-Jan-22 | Tags: developmentlearn

Linux on ARMIntroduction - Classic ARM MMU - Classic ARM MMU Limitations
ARM LPAE Features - ARM LPAE and Virtualisation
Linux and ARM LPAE - Current Status and Future Developments


  • Early ARM systems required only a few MBs of RAM
  • More and more complex smart-phones requiring 100s MB oreven GBs of RAM
  • 32-bit physical addresses impose a 4GB hard limit
  • It’s not all about RAM
  • Peripherals
  • Flash memory
  • System ROM
  • (Mobile) virtualisation requires even more RAM
  • But not necessarily at the Guest OS level
  • ARM LPAE support for Linux developed within ARM Ltd.
  • First patches posted on LKML – October 2010


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Linux on ARM