After Microsoft, Apple Also Increases Focus on ARM with New Low-Power Chip

2017-Feb-02 | Tags: analysislaptopmicrosoft

Linux on ARMOne of Microsoft’s Windows 10 expansion plans involves bringing the operating system on ARM chips as part of a project that could hit the shelves later this year, and now it turns out that Apple is also expanding its efforts into this area for future laptops.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is currently working on a low-power ARM chip that would be installed on an upgraded model for the MacBook Pro coming sometime later this year.

The whole purpose is to offer longer battery life on the new-generation MacBook, which was often criticized by reviewers and users alike for its poor autonomy. The existing MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar and Touch ID do feature a custom ARM chip called T1, but Apple is aiming for a new low-power unit that would be specifically optimized to handle tasks such as background activity.

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Linux on ARM