Linux Kernel 4.9.10 Has ARM, x86 and PowerPC Improvements, Updated Drivers

2017-Feb-16 | Tags: driverkernelupdate

Linux on ARMGreg Kroah-Hartman announced today the availability of the tenth maintenance update to the long-term supported and most advanced Linux kernel series, Linux 4.9, for all supported operating systems.

Linux kernel 4.9.10 comes one week after the release of Linux kernel 4.9.9, and from the appended shortlog, it looks like it's a normal update that changes a total of 72 files, with 463 insertions and 290 deletions. As for what's included in this new point release of the Linux 4.9 kernel series, half of the patch includes updated drivers, this time for things like Intel i915, crypto, ACPI, CPUFreq, HV, InfiniBand, MD, NVDIMM, SCSI, and networking.

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Linux on ARM