Linux 4.10 Release – Main Changes, ARM & MIPS Architectures

2017-Feb-20 | Tags: SoCdriverkernelmipsnvidiaqualcommsamsungtexasupdatevirtualization

Linux on ARMLinux 4.9 added Greybus staging support, improved security thanks to virtually mapped kernel stacks, and memory protection keys, included various file systems improvements, and many more changes.

Virtual GPU support – Intel GVT-g for KVM (KVMGT) is a full GPU virtualization solution with mediated pass-through, starting from 4th generation Intel Core processors with Intel Graphics. Unlike direct pass-through alternatives, the mediated device framework allows KVMGT to offer a complete virtualized GPU with full GPU features to each one of the virtualized guests, with part of performance critical resources directly assigned, while still having performance close to native.

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Linux on ARM