Kernel Log: Linux 3.3 goes into testing

2012-Jan-22 | Tags: development

Linux on ARMLinux 3.3 can change the size of ext4 filesystems faster and supports ACPI 5.0, LPAE for ARM processors, Ethernet teaming and hot replace for software RAID. Meanwhile, Linux 3.1 has reached the end of the line, and the Linux Ate My RAM web site explains why Linux often appears to use all of the RAM.

Two weeks after Linux 3.2 was released, Linus Torvalds has announced the first Linux 3.3 release candidate. As usual, this step signals the end of the merge window at the beginning of the development cycle; during the merge window, Torvalds integrates the major changes for a new Linux version before the focus is moved to stabilising the version over the following two months. In his message announcing the new version, Torvalds writes that it "really was a pretty busy merge window" and that he is "taking off early for a weekend of beer, skiing and poker" while remembering the motto "don't drink and ski". At close to 9,000 commits, however, the number of changes is actually within the normal range.

... Support was also added for Texas Instruments' C6X architecture, ACPI 5.0 and the LPAE (Large Physical Address Extension) technology for ARM, with which some 32-bit ARM v7 processors can use more than 4 GB of memory...

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