OpenBSD 6.1 Operating System Officially Released, Adds Kaby Lake & ARM64 Support

2017-Apr-12 | Tags: 64bitbsd

Linux on ARMThe OpenBSD 6.1 operating system was officially announced today, April 11, 2017, by developer Theo de Raadt. It's a major release that adds support for new platforms, new hardware, and lots of up-to-date components.

OpenBSD 6.1 comes seven months after the release of OpenBSD 6.0, and while it's a point release, it adds numerous improvements, such as support for the ARM64 (AArch64) hardware architecture, an extra layer of performance to the ARMv7 platform, support for systems with Loongson 3A CPUs and RS780E chipsets.

A lot of new drivers were added as well in this massive update of OpenBSD, adding support for Loongson 3A PCI host bridges, Hyper-V networking interfaces, OMAP pin multiplexing and wake-up generators, Hyper-V guest Nexus device, ACPI Smart Battery devices, as well as ACPI ambient light sensor devices.

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Linux on ARM