Raspberry WebKiosk 6.0 Released for Raspberry Pi, Based on Raspbian Jessie Lite

2017-Apr-28 | Tags: debianother_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMBinary Emotions informs Softpedia today about the general availability of Raspberry WebKiosk 6.0, a major update to the Open Source project that tries to develop the cheapest possible web kiosk operating systems for Raspberry Pi SBCs.

Raspberry WebKiosk is an open-source, browser-based and very secure Linux-based operating system designed to be deployed on the computers of various public places like Internet Cafes, hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries, or offices where there's need for an inexpensive kiosk system.

"Raspberry WebKiosk is a browser-face (only the browser interface will be displayed) hacker-proof operating system for Internet browsing purposes, which protects users’ privacy: after every reboot, browser will be kept back to the default state and downloaded files will be deleted," reads the announcement.

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