NVIDIA Tegra186/Parker/TX2 Support For Linux 4.12

2017-May-09 | Tags: SoCcompatibilitydriverfreescalekernelnvidiaupdate

Linux on ARMOlof Johansson has sent in his large set of pull requests for the ARM SoC/platform updates slated for the in-development Linux 4.12 kernel. Among the ARM SoC/platform changes for Linux 4.12 are:

- The Rockchip RK3399 and RK3288 SoCs are now supported. The RK3399 is used by the Samsung Chromebook Plus while the RK3288 is known for its use in the ASUS Tinkerboard. These devices are supported by the mainline 4.12 kernel.

- i.MX28 "Duckbill" platform support. There are also i.MX6Q platform additions, including some in-flight entertainment systems.

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Linux on ARM