Freeing an HP Chromebook 11 with Arch Linux ARM

2017-Jun-11 | Tags: archchromebookhowtohplaptop

Linux on ARMA few years ago I acquired an HP Chromebook 11, which I talked about in an article on this site at that time. I talked about how I ran Linux software side-by-side with Chrome OS thanks to the likes of Crouton. Since then, the machine has had some basic use, and rather ironically, used as an offline machine, where I would use it for typing purposes mostly, being that the machine has a lovely keyboard and is very battery efficient.

But I recently felt it was time to ditch Papa Google's influence on the machine and get rid of Chrome OS - enter Arch Linux ARM.

Back when I had my first look at the machine and installed Crouton, it seemed that installing Linux properly to the machine (eg. completely replace Chrome OS) didn't seem feasible for a machine with an ARM processor such as the HP Chromebook 11. Thankfully, I was either wrong back then or perhaps things have simply improved the last couple of years, as installing a proper Linux distro on one of these little machines and blowing away Google's product is quite easy to do. Now the amount of GNU/Linux distributions that properly support this particular machine are not plentiful, being an ARM machine with very particular hardware and firmware, but thankfully Arch Linux ARM (the ARM port of Arch Linux) does. Or more specifically, it supports the Samsung Chromebook 11, which seems to be the exact same machine, just with different branding.

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Linux on ARM