Ubuntu's Snapd Daemon Now Works Properly on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Zero

2017-Jun-16 | Tags: compatibilityraspberrypiubuntuupdate

Linux on ARMMore than a month after Canonical's Simon Fels announced that he's working on bringing Snappy's Snapd daemon to the Debian-based Raspbian operating system for Raspberry Pi SBCs, the developer updated Snapd to version 2.26.4.

Snapd 2.26.4 is the latest stable and most advanced version of the Snappy daemon that allows the installation and manipulation of Snap packages, the universal binary format created by Canonical for its Ubuntu Linux OS and other supported GNU/Linux distributions, and it's available for Raspbian Jessie too.

The developer announced a couple of days ago that he managed to update the repositories he created to distributing the Snapd daemon on Raspbian Jessie operating systems to version 2.26.4, which implements support for detecting ARMv6l hardware.

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Linux on ARM