Hard float VS soft float with Slackware ARM on the RPi 3

2017-Sep-02 | Tags: benchmarkraspberrypislackwareversus

Linux on ARMI recently bought a new Raspberry Pi 3 and installed Slackware ARM current (hard float) on it. My goal was to compare the performance of the hard float port against Slackware ARM 14.2 (soft float), which is currently powering this RPi3 hosted website.

As before, my tests are solely focused on tasks relating to performance with Apache/PHP, MySQL and OpenSSL. For the record, these results should not be perceived as irrefutable scientific proof ;-)

There are minor differences between the two Slackware installations, but I don’t believe that will make much of a difference with the tests I’m running. I’ve migrated my configuration files from 14.2 to Slackware current so the setup is as identical as can be.

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