Crypto Subsystem Sees ARM Improvements With Linux 4.16

2018-Jan-30 | Tags: 64bitdevelopmentkernelsecurity

Linux on ARMHerbert Xu has submitted the crypto subsystem updates for the Linux 4.16 kernel. This time around there are a number of ARM/ARM64 related improvements.

In the ARM space some of the kernel-side cryptography work includes native SHA512 support on ARM64, ARM v8.2 Crypto Extensions for SHA3/SM3, support for Broadcom BCM63xx platforms within the bcm2835 driver, support for Exynos 5250+ SoCs in the Exynos PRNG driver, and a new driver is the Samsung Exynos True RNG driver. The Samsung Exynos True RNG driver is designed to support the true random number generator found within the Samsung Exynos 5250+ SoCs.

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Linux on ARM