64-bit ARM Gets Mitigations For Spectre & Meltdown With Linux 4.16

2018-Jan-31 | Tags: 64bitkernelsecurity

Linux on ARMThe 64-bit ARM (ARM64 / AArch64) architecture code changes were mailed in a short time ago for the Linux 4.16 kernel and it includes mitigation work for Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities.

The main additions to the ARM64 Linux code for the 4.16 kernel is security changes concerning Variant Two of Spectre and Variant Three (Meltdown). This is the initial work ready for Linux 4.16 at this time while ARM developer Catalin Marinas notes that an improved firmware interface for Variant Two and a method to disable KPTI on ARM64 is coming next week. It's noted that Cavium ThunderX doesn't work with Kernel Page Table Isolation due to hardware erratum.

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Linux on ARM