Several New ARM Devices Supported By The Linux 4.16 Kernel

2018-Feb-02 | Tags: SoCcompatibilityfreescalekernelnvidiaqualcomm

Linux on ARMArnd Bergmann sent in his several pull requests on Thursday providing new ARM SoC platform support, driver updates, and DeviceTree bits for bringing up some new ARM hardware support within the mainline Linux kernel. Highlights of the ARM hardware enablement work for Linux 4.16 include:

- The Actions Semiconductor S700 SoC is now supported by the mainline kernel. This is the only new SoC added this time around. The S700 SoC is a quad-core Cortex-A53 design with a Mali 450 MP6 GPU. Along with this new SoC, the CubieBoard7 board is now supported and the Sparky SBC.

- On the Allwinner side the Orange Pi R1 developer board is now supported and the Libre Computer Board ALL-H3-CC H3.

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Linux on ARM