ARM64 Prepping ARM v8.4 Features, KPTI Improvements For Linux 4.17

2018-Mar-27 | Tags: 64bitcompatibilitydevelopmentdriverkernelupdate

Linux on ARMWith the Linux 4.16 kernel release likely to happen this coming Sunday and that marking the opening of the Linux 4.17 merge window, many subsystem maintainers are preparing their "-next" trees of feature updates.

On the ARM64 architecture front (64-bit ARM / AArch64) there are more improvements as usual building with Linux continuing to dominate across the 64-bit ARM landscape. Linux 4.17 will add support for more ARM v8.4 features including data independent timing (DIT) of instructions, unaligned atomic instructions and single-copy atomicity of loads and stores, LPADR/STLR instructions, and flag manipulation instructions.

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Linux on ARM