OpenBSD 6.3 Released With Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation, ARM64 SMP Support

2018-Apr-02 | Tags: 64bitbsdcompatibilitysecurity

Linux on ARMOpenBSD 6.3 hadn't been due until the middle of the month, but the official release of this popular BSD operating system is available today.

OpenBSD 6.3 is the project's first release with mitigation for the Meltdown CPU vulnerability as well as Spectre. Kernel Page Table Isolation (KPTI) is used for mitigating Meltdown, similar to on Linux. For Spectre V2 they are flushing the branch target buffer on ARM processors. Intel CPUs also now have their microcode updates automatically applied by fw_update with OpenBSD 6.3.

This is also the project's first update since OpenBSD 6.2 debuted last October, so overall it's quite a big update. On the 64-bit ARM side, it's their first release to support SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing)....

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